Region 8 6th Annual Conference


Region 8 Director Patsy Permenter

Region 8 Director Patsy Permenter

Region 8 Director Patsy Permenter


August 28-30, 2020

Region 8 Director Patsy Permenter

Region 8 Director Patsy Permenter


St. Augustine, Florida

Region 8 Director Patsy Permenter

St. Augustine, Florida

2018-19 QI Fort Lauderdale Club Report

Highlights of 4th Annual Region 8 Conference

2017-18 Region 8 Memories

Video of Region 8 projects and activities throughout the 2017-18 Quota year.  3.25 minutes.

Northside Atlanta "Can't Stop the Feeling"

Check out this great video

Northside Atlanta (Quotarians - Having a Deaf Child)

Plantation - New Born Project

QI Plantation members explain their "Newborn Baby Project with "interesting" visual "cautionary tale."

Fort Lauderdale - 2017-18

Check out this great video

St. Augustine - 2017-18 (Copy & Paste Link Below)

Signing "Little Bunny Foo Foo"

Thanking RD Elinor for Two Wonderful Years of Leadership

Region 8 members thank RD Elinor Adler for two wonderful years of leadership, fun, and fellowship!

Members Filled 50 Boxs for Easterseals of Daytona Children


Children's Books

Small play doh containers

Small size craft balls

Small plastic Army guys-on a base

Colorful index cards (small)

Muffin Tins

Small containers to hold items such as the small craft balls, clothespins and other small items

Clothespins-small size more resistive preferred (craft or office store)

Mini Gator Tweezers 





President Sheila's Report of Conference

May 3-6, 2018 - Daytona Beach, Florida (Shores Resort Hotel)


Hi, Ladies - I'm home from the Region 8 Conference and wanted to tell you a little about it.

I was delighted that our club was represented by seven members:  Denese, Mindy, Carol, Verra, Jo, Emily, and me.  It was so nice to be together - and I know they all have stories to tell of their experiences - just ask them about Little Bunny Foo Foo....

The hotel was lovely, the weather and the beach were beautiful, and our Regional Director Elinor put on an absolutely outstanding Conference. This was the best Conference yet - and I heard many people say the same thing.  The Florida and Georgia clubs have really bonded and it was wonderful to see our friends again.  We now are truly just one - Region 8.

For those of us who were there on Thursday Elinor made arrangements for dinner at Aunt Catfish's on the River - and all I can say about that is yummy!

Friday was a free day until late afternoon when some of the group gathered to put together the Buckets of Love to be given to Easterseals of Daytona.  Following that there was a delicious bar-b-cue dinner on the outside patio - and what fun that was!  Great food, great friends, lots of laughter. 

After the dinner wound down some went out near the beach to the fire pits to make s'mores while others gathered together to visit (and I believe there may have been some liquor involved....)  


Saturday was our meeting.  We heard Quota news from Carol Patin, International Vice President  and our Rep for the weekend, had some fun games and songs, heard from Club Presidents who talked about their service projects represented by the boxes we had decorated.  I spoke about sponsoring the 16 graduating seniors from PACE to Grad Night at Universal Studios and everyone seemed very interested in this project.  Thanks to Carole Hart for helping me make the box.

After a box lunch that we could eat by the beach or on our balconies, we came back to the meeting for more conversation with Carol Patin.  She is such an interesting person with a great sense of humor and fit in so  well with all of us.  Toward the end of the afternoon, as Chair of the Nominating Committee, I was pleased to introduce our 2018-2020 Region 8 Director Patsy Permenter of QI Valdosta.

Patsy was installed by Carol Patin at Saturday's dinner.   Each club displayed its decorated "head" and judging took place.  Even though we didn't win I love our head and think she's beautiful.  Again thanks to Carole for the help making her pretty.

I was proud that our club was recognized several times:  we received a bottle of wine to share with the club for having at least +1 membership since last year, we received a lovely certificate honoring our 61st birthday, and Awards Chair Carol Zeber presented us with a bottle of wine for winning the Feel The Love Award - An award given to the Club with the most effective and far-reaching project for empowering women and/or assisting disadvantaged women and children.  Many thanks to Dorothy for her outstanding essay that was submitted for this award.

At the end of the evening gifts and well wishes were given to Elinor for her two exceptional years as our Regional Director.  (See video below)

Sunday we heard from the representative from Easterseals of Daytona and a lovely talk from our new Regional Director Patsy, said the Quota Collect - and it was all over for another year.

This was such a good weekend - we saw old friends, connected with new friends, learned a lot, had fun-fun-fun! - and enjoyed every minute.  We don't know yet where next year's meeting will be - but wherever it is I urge you to attend.  You won't regret it.